DDA Minutes 5-2-17

Village of Kalkaska

Downtown Development Authority


  1. CALL TO ORDER: The Village of Kalkaska Downtown Development Authority regular meeting was called to order by Chair Zenner at 5:05 P.M.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Burgin (Late), Paryani, Sanborn, Coffey, Yost, Sieting, Johnson, Ascione and Zenner


PUBLIC PRESENT:  Cash Cook (DDA Director) and Gayenell Gentelia (Recording Secretary)

  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Sieting, second by Sanborn, to approve agenda as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion by Sieting, second by Sanborn, to approve the April 4, 2017 Regular Meeting minutes and the April 26, 2017 Special Meeting minutes as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  3. PUBLIC COMMENTS: [Please stand and state your name for the record]
    1. DDA Director Update
      1. We just received confirmation of a $4,500 grant for the Farmers Market.
      2. We’re working with the Steam Railroad Institute to bring a color tour train to Kalkaska.
      3. The Rotary Chicken BBQ is going to relocate to Railroad Square. It will be the same weekend as the Fly-In and 4Front Credit Union Concert.
      4. The Library is nearing completion of their preliminary plan for a new building.
      5. I’m working with Venture North and the EDC on two redevelopment projects.
      6. The 131 Corridor Marketing group is making progress toward an organizational plan for the collaborating communities.
      7. The chair is painted and scheduled for lettering.


    1. Associate Director Update
      1. 5-to-One will do special Early Childhood Development events at the Farmers’ Market every 1st Tuesday of the month, beginning with June.
      2. Kalkaska Soil Conservation District 2 events at the Farmers’ Market will be a butterfly plant in the June and children’s herb garden in August.
      3. Soil Conservation will be selling Lilac Bushes and Trees at the first Farmers’ Market.
      4. NCT needs to spend $5000 in Kalkaska this year.
      5. Michigan Main Street visit April 5. Discussed application and will be reviewed by committee.
      6. NMC, US Coast Guard, Rocket Club, DNR and Smokey the Bear will be at the Fly-In.
      7. Posted Famers’ Market and Speeder Railcar Events to Radio Station Community Calendars. Also sent a request to local papers and networks to add to their Community Calendars.


    1. Projects & Promotions
      1. April 20
      2. Concert and Street Festival music booked.
        1. A couple of more need to be confirmed
        2. Trying to finalize Dunk tank
      3. Calendar of Meeting Dates for locals
      4. Flowers for Streetscape – budget stay the same (appox. 900-950)
        1. Would like brighter flowers than last year.
          1. Moss Roses are hardy
          2. Some flowers don’t do well with wind and traffic through town
          3. Flowers did survive last year
        2. Use Klumpps.
        3. Planting day hopefully the week before Memorial Day.
        4. Motion by Sieting, second by Sanborn, to authorize $1000 to purchase flowers, soil, planting material and order similar variety of flowers as last year. Roll Call vote was taken: Ayes – Coffey, Paryani, Sanborn, Jonson, Sieting, Yost, Zenner and Ascione. Nays – None. Absent – Burgin. Motion Carried.
    2. Farmers’ Market
      1. Mike said there is a potential bus vendor with baked goods & veggies; Cash said Butts & Beans is planning on being in Museum south parking lot. Mike said 11 current vendors and forecasting 14 – 15.
      2. Jody stated Dave McConnell won’t be coming with his blacksmith shop.
      3. Cash said the grant has yet to be approved and will be decided on Monday, May 1.
      4. Cash said the chair needs screw holes filled before painting and Mike O. offered to help.
      5. Conservation District will be present for opening day. Sandy will inquire with Rotary about using chicken suit for a market visual; Caleb will have a cow suit at market opening, Mooooo!
      6. Sandy is aware of a grant reference book and will research.
      7. Lessons: generators were an issue, canopies,
      8. End of Year Potluck, take pictures, Tuesday 10-17-17 following the Tuesday the market closes, time to be determined. Sandy will take charge of the potluck.
      9. Special Events: 5 to 1 Program
      10. Sandy brought up finding a merchandising item for the market. Bags veggie cutters water bottles cutting boards suggested.
    3. Main Street/RRC Committee
      1. Discussed any questions about the RRC Self-Evaluation draft. Decided to contact Dan Leonard, our RRC associate, to schedule time to review Self-Evaluation to make sure it is completed before presenting to Village Manager, DDA Board, Village Council and Planning Commission.
      2. Discussed next steps for Main Street Select Level Application. On April 5 Laura and Lee from Michigan Main Street visited and held two presentations. During their visit we were able to talk to them and discuss what were are currently doing. They gave us the application and explained the expectations of the board. If we move forward and are accepted to the Select Level, the primary focus of the board will be Main Street and the board will be a working board. Before continuing with the application, the committee wanted to reach out to the board and hold a discussion about the presentation. We would like to ask the board about their interest about applying for Select Level. There have been some setbacks with the program which has set us back about 1.5 years. This was the first time Michigan Main Street has been able to visit during their transition. Would the board want to stay in Associate level for the next 1.5 years then make a decision to continue with Michigan Main Street, or begin the application for Select level at this time?
        1. Next steps suggestion boards go to informational training
        2. Training dates:
          1. May 18 – Grand Haven (Main Street in Practice)
          2. July 18 – Owosso (Main Street Basics)
          3. August 17 – Grayling (Main Street in Practice)
        3. Attending in August: Jeff
        4. Should we choose to stay at the Associate Level for another year?
        5. Share the Main Street Power Point with Board Members


    1. Design Committee
      1. Met last week
      2. Scott from Wade Trim, presented different design options
      3. Gave input on design options
      4. Brought 3 phases, some similarities, some differences
      5. Suggested which pieces from the different designs to include
      6. Board should see a rendering with the next drawings
      7. Will come back with a design for Information Center
      8. Discussed some phasing we could do for the project(s)
      9. Maybe tie into the Re-Leaf project
      10. What are we going to do for the specific rendering for the Information Center to bring for Rotary Charities Grant Application
        1. Need to put out a proposal for this rendering
        2. Design committee needs to schedule another meeting


  1. Bills: Motion by Sanborn, second by Burgin, to approve payment of bills as presented. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes – Johnson, Sieting, Yost, Sanborn, Ascione, Burgin, Coffey, Paryani and Zenner. Nays – None. Absent –None. Motion carried.


  1. Cash Balance Report: Motion by Sieting, second by Coffey, to accept as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  2. Revenue Expenditure Report: Motion by Sieting, second by Coffey, to accept Revenue Expenditure Report as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.


  1. Board/Employee Responsibility: We put a lot on contracted employees to move forward with little direction from the Board. They have tried to move the board vision forward. It is Board responsibility to provide direction. Concern with them getting out to the community. Too many meeting that are outside the parameters of this board. Are these meetings benefiting the DDA and the direction of the Board? We need to articulate that to our contracted employees and hold them accountable.
    1. We need to focus on exactly what we are here to do:
      1. Core Downtown of the DDA District
      2. Meet the business owners or are in the process of owning the business.
      3. With his business on main street, Sieting talking to these people daily
      4. We need to all be responsible.
    2. If information is available or known, relay it to the Board.
    3. We need to know the needs of the business owners.
    4. Have it be an intended visit.
    5. Contracted employees need to have the Pulse of the Downtown District
    6. Need to let the community know that we have big things going on, while we are informing them of the low hanging fruit (such as Movie Night).
    7. Overview of meetings, less time dedicated to meetings and more time to get to know the business owners.
      1. Start with a list of business owners
      2. Report back
    8. Create a sub-committee with draft performance expectations of Board and Contracted Staff (Sieting, Burgin, Ascione-Chair) to meet after May 15.


    1. Master Plan Update
      1. Focus Group meeting on May 23 and progress from there


    1. Vote today
    2. Movie Night at Railroad Square
      1. Stringing a cable to hang the screen between 2 poles (distance is too great)
      2. Sink two 6X6 posts on the ground
      3. Behind Railroad Square
      4. Equipment is getting prepared
      5. Partnering with Citizens 4 Kalkaska
      6. Approaching Council on Monday
      7. Eliminate Fee Schedule for any partners in putting together Movie Night


  1. ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 6:43 PM by Chair Zenner.

Next Meeting – June 6, 2017 @ 5:00 p.m.

Recording Secretary: Gayenell Gentelia