DDA Minutes 4-4-17


Village of Kalkaska

Downtown Development Authority


  1. CALL TO ORDER: The Village of Kalkaska Downtown Development Authority regular meeting was called to order by Chair Zenner at 5:04 P.M.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Burgin, Sanborn, Coffey, Yost, Sieting, Johnson, Ascione and Zenner


PUBLIC PRESENT:  Elise Craft (Networks Northwest), Cash Cook (DDA Director), Gayenell Gentelia (Recording Secretary), John Roberts (Library Director)

  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Sanborn, second by Burgin, to approve agenda as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion by Burgin, second by Johnson, to approve the March 7, 2017 Regular Meeting minutes as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  2. PUBLIC COMMENTS: [Please stand and state your name for the record]
    1. Introduction of John Roberts, new Kalkaska County Library Director.


  1. PRESENTATION: Networks Northwest – Master Planning Process
    1. Discussion
      1. Planning Process
        1. 4 agencies (DDA, Village, Library, County Parks & Rec) to create 5 new/updated Master Plans.
        2. Speak UP Kalkaska Overview
        3. Online Survey Summary & Results
      2. Public Input Summary & Report Discussion
        1. 3 DDA questions
        2. 1 Open ended questions
        3. Nearly 200 participants trickled in
        4. 264 online survey response (on top of Speak Up Kalkaska participants)
        5. Discussion on report and summary analysis
      3. Next Steps
        1. Determine where and how to focus future and current activity
        2. Engaging with the audience that responded to the survey
          1. Intermittent surveys
          2. Focus Groups Topics
          3. Filter, what can the DDA affect’
        3. Focus Groups need to filter through the data and determine the following:
          1. What can DDA affect?
          2. What is affordable, attainable, and sustainable?
        4. Focus on Communication better with the community
        5. Move into Focus Group process
          1. How do we evaluate the goals and prioritize?
          2. Reviewed Guiding Principles
        6. Feedback from DDA Board
          1. Add – Is the project Purposeful (the Village, DDA, community)?
          2. Other guiding principles are fine




    1. DDA Director Update
      1. We went to an IFF workshop concerning New Market Tax Credits for non- profit organizations. The library and hospital projects may qualify.
      2. The library is working on a proposed design which is architecturally in keeping with the downtown.
      3. The EDC will be completing a grant application to facilitate the feasibility of forming a Kalkaska Economic Alliance, as outlined in the action statement of the Beckett and Raeder document.
      4. I met with the Great Start Office in Traverse City about creating more child friendly activities at the Farmers Market.
      5. I met with Andi at the Chamber about the presentation at the Annual Chamber Luncheon.
      6. I attended the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance DDA workshop which focused on historical downtown façade improvements.
      7. I spoke at the first Kalkaska Food Summit. Nearly fifty people attended and covered a wide range of subjects.
      8. I’ve been communicating with Peter Young about their plans for the Cornell building redevelopment. They should have a presentable plan next month.
      9. I did an interview with 9 & 10 concerning the “Explore 131 North” marketing cooperative.


    1. Main Street Program Developer Update
      1. Tart Trails held another meeting regarding the new Trails Bill that effect all State-Owned Trails. At the meeting, the group representatives (and Tart Trail) agreed to work on preserving what has already been established as non-motorized trails in the Pere Marquette State Forest.   We will work to continue improving upon and enhancing both existing trails and new trail connections in the Forest. We will also get in touch with other trail users, such as snowmobilers and equestrian, to check their level of interest in joining the group. The greater the numbers, the more Lansing may listen to our concerns with designating all trails as ORV trails. Tart Trails will also reach out to neighboring regions to create a consortium of sorts to have representation from all areas in Northern Lower Michigan.
      2. The 131 Marketing Group continues to move forward. Explore 131 North logo has been agreed upon. There is a Resolution of Support included in board packets that we need to discuss and hopefully approve. We are also working on a Mission Statement and a work plan to ensure we stay on task with identified goals.
      3. Bookmarks are complete and ready for distribution. We’ve already handed some out to the hotels and will be delivering to the local businesses to distribute.
      4. I met with Patty Warner, Fife Lake NCT. They are not really going to do anything right now regarding the new mandate from NCT. There are only 2 representatives in Fife Lake, so they have no capacity. We possibly found a group, Kerry Mosko, who may be interested in adopting a portion of the Kalkaska NCT. I’ve reached out to her and hope to set-up a meeting sometime this month.
      5. I met with 5-to-1 Group regarding doing some children events at the Farmers’ Market. They have committed to coming the first Tuesday of every month beginning in June.
      6. Mark Randolph, Kalkaska Conservation District, has committed to doing 2 seed planting events at the Farmers’ Market this year. He will do one in the beginning of the season and one toward the end of the season (September timeframe).


    1. Projects & Promotions
      1. Bookmarks – completed
      2. Stickers and Clings to area businesses
      3. 4Front having a Beer tent Friday night Street Festival Concert
      4. Kathy and Deb are setting up concert entertainment
      5. Speeder Rail cars on June 4
        1. Gift bag for each car
      6. Calendar of Meetings to hand out to local businesses with contact information for Village Council and DDA Board Members
      7. Street Festival signs for intersections to drive people to the location of the concert series
      8. Banner for Northland Corner
      9. Can Rotary hold a fundraiser at Railroad Square?
      10. Add new actionable ideas for events
    2. Farmers’ Market
      1. Cash had a vendor addition, Mike has 11 committed vendors; Bob introduced Chearhart Family Farm; Deb had a vendor suggestion; Gayenell had a call from Bob Seabolt (sp. Sebard?) as a vendor inquiry. Mike hopes for 14-15 Vendors opening day. Sandy Hurd bought thank you cards for Vendors and other appropriate occasions.
      2. Cash said approval for a $4, 500 Health Dept. grant is likely to be approved with logo shopping bag and a sound bar/system for the site being discussed, leaving $2k to $2.5k for a radio campaign. He expects to hear sometime next week. Sandy asked about KFM ad copy for the County EDC map; Gayenell will follow up with Sandy on ad. Discussion about possibility of 7 step signs and 1 sandwich board, budget allowing. Discussed T-shirts for vendors and possible sale, obtain cost estimate, small order to test market, quality and graphic are important. Discussed logo bag being sold at $1.
      3. Chair project to be done in April, DPW schedule allowing with a critical day May 1; 4 painting steps are necessary as per Cash. Patty brought up liability and Cash said it’s covered under the Village policy.
      4. Wording on chair to include: Kalkaska Farmers’ Market Tuesday 2-6 pm, Donated by Shetler Family Dairy.
      5. The Chair will be purple with yellow lettering.
      6. The meeting adjourned 1:48 pm


    1. Main Street/RRC Committee
      1. We finished reviewing the RRC Self-Evaluation Form and are now preparing the final Self-Evaluation forms to be shared with Kalkaska Village Manager Scott Yost, DDA Board, Planning Commission and Village Council. Once Forms are approved they will be submitted to the state.
      2. During our discussions a subject that came up was KBRA. Do they have a list of priority sites? Can we have their minutes presented to the DDA? Approximately 6-8 months ago Kevin Rogols presented there would be KBRA Liaison to the DDA. Do they have a DDA liaison? Who is it? And can they start attending the DDA meetings?
      3. KBRA – Cash
        1. Inventory identified 3 lots in the Industrial Park, property on 131 South.
        2. Applied for assessment grant, but did not receive the grant
        3. Funding is current issue
        4. 2-for-1 phase I on the 2 properties on Dresden Street
        5. Determine how they can be saleable
      4. Main Street visit tomorrow, April 5


    1. By-Laws Committee
      1. Table to next month



  1. Bills: Motion by Sanborn, second by Yost, to approve payment of bills as presented. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes – Johnson, Sieting, Yost, Sanborn, Ascione, Burgin, Coffey and Zenner. Nays – None. Absent – Paryani. Motion carried.


  1. Cash Balance Report: Motion by Coffey, second by Sanborn, to accept as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  2. Revenue Expenditure Report: Motion by Coffey, second by Sanborn, to accept Revenue Expenditure Report as presented. All Ayes, motion carried


  1. Appoint Committee Chairs: Kim Johnson – MS/RRC Committee, Yost removed from Website Committee, Burgin take Yost position.
  2. Appoint Master Plan Focus Group: Zenner (Chair) and representative to all other Focus groups. Ascione and Johnson appointed.
  3. Kalkaska Chamber Luncheon Attendees, Wednesday, April 25, 11:30 AM–1:00 PM ($15/person): Cook and Gentelia
  4. Consider Approval of Resolution of Support for Explore 131 North Coalition: Motion by Sieting, second by Yost, to approve Resolution of Support as amended. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes – Sanborn, Johnson, Sieting, Yost, Zenner, Ascione, Burgin and Coffey. Nays – None. Absent – Paryani. Motion Carried.


    1. Master Plan Update




  1. ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 6:47 PM by Chair Zenner.


Next Meeting – May 2, 2017 @ 5:00 p.m.


Recording Secretary: Gayenell Gentelia