DDA Meeting Minutes 03-07-17

Village of Kalkaska

Downtown Development Authority






  1. CALL TO ORDER: The Village of Kalkaska Downtown Development Authority regular meeting was called to order by Chair Zenner at 5:00 P.M.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Burgin, Sanborn, Coffey, Paryani Johnson, Ascione and Zenner




PUBLIC PRESENT:  Cash Cook (DDA Director), Gayenell Gentelia (Recording Secretary)


  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion by Sanborn second by Burgin, to approve agenda as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion by Burgin, second by Coffey, to approve the February 7, 2017 Regular Meeting minutes as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  2. PUBLIC COMMENTS: [Please stand and state your name for the record]






    1. DDA Director Update
      1. I’ve communicated with the hearse tour coordinator, and they will not be here this year, but the rotation may bring them to town next year.
      2. The new Visitor’s Guide is being handled by the EDC and is going well.
      3. I met with Rotary Charities to do an initial interview for Seed Grand funding to facilitate the creation of a Kalkaska Economic Alliance.
      4. I met with Chemical Bank and InSite Capital to discuss Small Houses and multi-family housing in Kalkaska.
      5. I met with Matt Hollander about a project on the old municipal garage site. Their interest continues.
      6. DeShano Development is continuing its search for a multi-family site.
      7. The library has selected a new director, Mr. John Roberts.
      8. I submitted North Country Trail’s relocation presentation to MDOT for their consideration to use the airport property section of the trail.
      9. KLT Building is still going to be demolished and 5 apartment design has been completed.


    1. Main Street Program Developer Update
      1. ReLeaf have sent us the Priority Planting Maps, which is the canopy analysis that will help us determine what areas may need to have trees planted. They will continue to work with the Village and DDA to take into account legacy trees that were lost during the wind storms of 2015 and 2016. Also, looking into tree placement at Railroad Square (including old Chamber site). Planting is targeted for the fall.
      2. The 131 Marketing Group continues to move forward. Explore 131 North logo is nearly set. Networks Northwest will be drafting a partner resolution that will identify each community’s commitment to the collaborative group. We are also working on a Mission Statement and a work plan to ensure we stay on task with identified goals.
      3. The Library is moving forward with its feasibility study and interviews of identified community members and leaders will begin the last week of April. This is the next step prior to beginning their Capital Campaign
      4. The Live Well Kalkaska Coalition has granted us $4500 for this year’s Farmers’ Market. Prior to their granting us this amount, they asked us to attend the MIFMA training for Farmers’ Market managers. I attended 5 of the 7 2-hour webinars to help us meet this request. We will utilize these funds for marketing purposes including, reusable bags for the market, radio station spots, sandwich board signs, advertisement, etc. They will also help with having MSU Extension do some demos at the market.
      5. Initial results from the Speak-Up Kalkaska event have been provided to us by Networks Northwest. The online survey closed on Feb 26 and we are waiting for the results from that survey. Networks Northwest will consolidate all the results and provide a report at our next meeting. The results will help determine how to move forward with the focus group discussions.


    1. Projects & Promotions
      1. Bookmarks – proofed and edited
      2. Concerts – sponsored by 4Front
      3. Deb and Kathy will book entertainment for concert
        1. Not to exceed $1000 for concert series and $1500 for street festival
      4. Board Discussion
        1. Rotary Charities would like to have Barbecue @ Railroad Square
        2. Need to discuss a possible Fee Schedule
        3. Need to look into Insurance if we are charging fees – will discuss with Village Manager
      5. Next meeting March 16 @ 2:00 PM



    1. Farmers’ Market
      1. Discussed advertising, marketing
      2. Round table Discussion
        1. Recruit Produce and Cut Flower Vendors
        2. Edible Grand Traverse Listing
        3. Have flyers produced by May 1
      3. Adirondack Chair to be painted
      4. Next meeting March 16 @ 1:00 PM


    1. Main Street/RRC Committee
      1. Continued with the self-evaluation
      2. Questions ready for the training session on Feb. 28
      3. Attended the Feb 28 Workshop for Section 4-6
      4. Main Street Visit is coming Wednesday, April 5


    1. By-Laws Committee
      1. Table to next month


    1. Website Committee
      1. Met on Feb 23
      2. Went through the website
      3. Over 80% of businesses on website with maps, links to website, link to Facebook page
      4. Mobile app has been updated and more user friendly
      5. Linking from DDA Facebook page
      6. Google analytics


    1. Design Committee
      1. Met with Wade Trim on the 17th
        1. Discussed timeline and expectations
        2. Things we hope/want to see, element of Railroad Theme
        3. Parking on the road
        4. Information Center Location
        5. ReLeaf Trees
      2. Discussed Phases
    2. Finance Committee
      1. Discussed Revising MSPD to Associate Director Role
        1. Updated the position description
        2. Recommendation to change position to be Associate Director with an increase compensation to $3200/month
      2. Discussion on metrics
        1. Make a reoccurring item to review earlier in the year
        2. Tracking of businesses and economic development
        3. Develop Metrics to quantify results
        4. Who – Staff draft list of quantifying statistics – evaluation criteria for the positions and define different aspects of the DDA to review on a periodic basis
        5. Taxable Valuation – what was taxable value last year vs. this year
      3. Motion by Coffey, second by Paryani, to accept the Consulting Services Agreement, change the title and job description to Associate Director and increase compensation to $3200/month. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes – Coffey, Paryani, Sanborn, Johnson, Zenner and Ascione. Nays – Burgin. Absent – Yost and Sieting. Motion Carried.


  1. Bills: Motion by Johnson, second by Coffey, to approve payment of bills with correction to Directors Salary on Invoice Register. A roll call vote was taken: Ayes –Paryani, Johnson, Sanborn, Ascione, Burgin, Coffey and Zenner. Nays – None. Absent – Sieting and Yost. Motion carried.


  1. Cash Balance Report: Motion by Coffey, second by Burgin, to accept as presented. All Ayes, motion carried.
  2. Revenue Expenditure Report: Village Van is available should staff be using personal vehicle. Consultants are not covered under Village Insurance to drive Village Vehicles. Motion by Sanborn, second by Coffey, to accept Revenue Expenditure Report as presented. All Ayes, motion carried


  1. Appoint Committee Chairs and Discuss Committee Chair Responsibilities: Committee Chairs should be submitting agendas for the committee meetings. Encourage committee chairs to submit an agenda to Gayenell to be added to the posting of meeting and distributed to the committee members. You can only discuss agenda items at the committee meeting. As chair of the meeting, notes and Recommendation to the Board should be submitted to Gayenell so that they can be included in the DDA Board Meeting Packets. Table appointing Committee Chairs.


    1. Master Plan Update
      1. Networks Northwest will be scheduling the list of Focus Group meetings.




  1. ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 6:48 PM by Chair Zenner.


Next Meeting – April 4, 2017 @ 5:00 p.m.


Recording Secretary: Gayenell Gentelia